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It has just occurred to me that Hermione Jean Granger [yes, THE phenomenally intelligent and FABULOUS Hermione Jean Granger from the Harry Potter franchise] could potentially, just about, maybe, kind of be my TWIN SISTER!! YES!!

Like, what do we NOT have in common?? Well, except for the fact that I am a -you know- DOG and she is a -you know- human being and all.

Except for that.

I mean. it’s not like I don’t absolutely ADORE her already, and don’t twin sisters do that?? Unconditionally love each other, I mean. All stable relationships are based on mutual adoration, and I’m 100% sure that once she sets her GORGEOUS auburn eyes on my being, her heart will melt and her brain will go wonky and it will be LOVE at first sight.

Here are the reasons we are TOTALLY long-lost twin sisters:

1. We’re both female [and, OK, I’m a bitch and she’s a witch -SEE?? WE EVEN RHYME!!- and that’s probably a deal-breaker in most twin-verification-cases or whatever, but we’re MAGIC, remember?? ANYTHING is possible when you’re magic]

2. We’re both CRAZY for Ron Weasley [although I’m more of a fangirl and she’s more of his wife]

3. We’re both 25 years old [At least I will be. In another 20 years]

4. We both go gaga over Krispy Kreme [She hasn’t really MENTIONED how she’s totally besotted with KK, but I KNOW -thanks to how our brains are telepathically linked and I can hear her innermost thoughts and feelings- that she loves nothing more than sinking her flawless incisors into 6-inches of sugary, bread with a hole]

5. We… Um… Like, Hermy and I…

OK, so that’s all I can come up with, but 4 solid points right off the bat is NOTHING to be ashamed of. This life-changing revelation barely hit me a 20 minutes ago and I already have proof to back it up??

Well done, doggy. Well done.

Take TWO · Thoughts · Woof Humor

Here Is A Thought

It has come to my attention that in countries like India, there are ENTIRE STATES without a SINGLE Dunkin Donuts joint!! THE ATROCITY!!

Think about it; in a few years from now, when I’m all set to start my first ever global tour [Funnylicious: The One-Dog Comic Show!!] and am boarding my flight to India for my sold-out concerts there, WHAT do you think my reaction is going to be when my manager tells me that there are ZERO DD stores in the ENTIRE COUNTRY?? HUH??

I am a VERY mature dog. I’m sensitive and caring and a gift to mankind, to be utterly frank [not to mention modest]. But tell me that I won’t be able to clench my jaws around an extra-large Croissant Donut for a whole WEEK [or two] and I just might scream the house down [true story -well, a wee bit exaggerated].

Which brings me to this question; why don’t we have Dunkin’ Donut joints all over the world?? Think about it, it would barely take any resources [just a few hundreds of thousands of dollars which is nothing if you take into consideration the deliciousness you get in return] AND it would ensure a smoother stay for me in foreign countries.

Win-win, y’all.