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Swallowed Me Up And Spat Me Out

REJECTED AGAIN. [I really am getting used to the r-word. A week ago, I used to burst into incredulous tears just at the thought of being said “no” to, by anyone -I mean, have you LOOKED at my eyes?? They aren’t called Doggie Eyes for nothing, y’know-]

A few days ago, I sent my second round of emails [in THREE DAYS -God, that HAS to be some sort of record] to about fifteen publishing houses and practically BEGGED them to publish my soon-to-be-bestseller. Following my own advice, I even slipped in the teensy detail that it was written by a DOG, which I was sure would do the trick.

Unfortunately, I have now learned the hard way that you need more than four paws and a tail to get anyone to seal the deal on ANYTHING nowadays. Which, in case you were wondering, totally SUCKS.

Of course, it’s not like being a canine is my only asset. I also have my super-brain and well… my… YES! My stomach’s ability to digest bag after bag of Pedigree and not feel a thing. And also, there’s my… You know… My f-f-FRIENDLINESS [if that is even a word]. And, OBVIOUSLY, my… um, my…

I give up. I am a complete loser. NOW will you let me drown my sorrows in kibble and How I Met Your Mother marathons in peace??

It's A Dog's Life · Ramblings · Take TWO · Woof Humor


So. Ahem. It has come to my attention that every single sodding –how’s my Brit accent coming along??- publishing house I submitted my GENIUS book proposal to is -er-  not “interested” in my “specific genre” at “this point of time.”

My specific genre.


Does it mean “loony with a hint of idiocy”?? Or “incompetent and unskilled”?? Or maybe even downright, blatant “trash”??


Oh my Granolabar, WHAT am I jabbering about?? They cast off my manuscript and that’s all that matters right now. They just… discarded it, like they get offers from BLOGGING DOGS every day.

Wait a minute… OF COURSE!! Why didn’t I mention that I’m a SODDING –maybe a bit too much English-ness, eh??- BLOGGING DOG?? Of COURSE they’ll lap it all up [specific genre, and all] if only I slip in one not-so-tiny detail…

Looks like this post is going to be cut short, folks. I’m going to need a break from writing if I want to take the literary world by a storm [oh, the irony of it all]!!