The Twenty Sixth Post

You know, I’ve been SO caught up these past few days [dreaming about myself in the limelight/paddling in a pool] that I COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY abandoned all my “social skills.” I think that’s what most blogs lack, the ability to communicate with the reader. So I was thinking about this problem, and VOILA!! I came up with a GENIUS method that will get my brain juices flowing, PLUS let you, dearest blog-chance-upon-er, and me converse, if you know what I mean.

So, going according to my plan, I have set up a new POLL page that I will update as regularly as possible with new questions [hopefully] every time you check out WoofDiaries. Just to get the scheme started, here’s a question for YOU:

Looks like I’ll have to cut this post short, Mum’s calling me for my pre-lunch snack [the seventh-most-important meal of the day!] and as I don’t wish to waste any more time before getting my jaws all over that, there’s just one thing left to say;

Till we meet again, fella’, till we meet again!!