The Twenty-Fourth Fable

I have GOT to stop thinking about that swimming pool!!! [Read previous posts to get what I’m saying] I mean, I have been spending more time fantasizing about myself floating around in that little lagoon than I’ve dedicated to slobbering over the next meal [that hasn’t yet arrived] and THAT’S saying something. Thankfully, a diversion has stepped in to save the day [and the little sanity I have left]. A truly drool-worthy scheme that’s plonked me on Cloud 9… Guess what?? [I say that a lot nowadays, don’t I??]

Uncle Gordon is coming over!!!!!!!!!!! From AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Okay, I might like to add here that the only reason I actually gave this piece of news a second thought is because Uncle Gordon is from AMERICA. Taylor describes it as the land of all things big. And whenever she says that, I wonder to myself, ‘Could you IMAGINE the size of an ultra large chew made in the USA????’ And after I think that Trikaya, the younger sis, goes -as if on cue- ‘And Uncle G always gets us the most terrific presents!!’ And in my mind I go ‘YIPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!’]

I just want this month to hurry up and finish itself, because Uncle G is arriving at the end of November. Oh, I simply can’t wait!! You know how people always say that they want “good things” to look forward to?? Well, I have TWO of them right now, but I can assure you that it is NOT as great as they make it sound because you just want the “good things” to come and waste the days dreaming about the “good things” and wondering whether they will be as good as you are imagining them.


That’s all for today, Folks!! [I know my posts have an average of three hundred words -which is practically nothing in blogger terms- but you have got to realize that being a dog with a passion for writing isn’t as easy as you may think it is. I have to be alert and ready to close down all my tabs and jump back into the “regular dog position” even at the sound of feet padding across the family den. And, believe me, that isn’t easy]

Later Gator!!

Feni the Dawg


The Twenty Second Article

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess what?!!? Remember that “construction” that was going on on the front lawn?? I was eavesdropping as hard as I could at Grandma and Mum’s conversation after breakfast this morning, and I have CRACKED it!! I know what is going to be built!!!! Oh, and it’s worth not being able to use the loo for the next few days [sorry, insider joke]. Anyway, I have managed to store most of the chat inside here >points to thick skull< and so, you, Dearest Reader, will be kept in suspense about the puzzling development a little longer.  Here we go;

Mum: The girls [I hope “girls” includes me!] are going to LOVE it!!

Grandma: They’ve been wanting it for quite a while now. I’m glad the construction has already begun and is in full swing.

Mum: Yes, it is a relief that the work has started after all this time. 

Grandma: Feni will love it too, won’t you my little girl?? [Here, Grandma looks at me with an adoring smile]

Mum: I guess she’s been wanting it for a while too, haven’t you dear?? 

Me: >Looks at mum with eyes that said ‘What’s going on??’

Mum: Aww, I think she likes it. Look at her grateful expression.

Grandma: A sweeter thing there never was. 

Mum: Oh, have you heard about the rise in market prices?? 

From her, the conversation gets real boring but I was SO happy about finally finding out what was going to be built that I didn’t care!! You HAVE figured it out, haven’t you?? Well, if you haven’t let me tell you. They have GOT to be planning to set up a swimming pool!!!!! My sisters have been wanting one from the time they were BORN [well, [practically] and I would love one too, wouldn’t I?? [Though if mum and dad ARE planning to make one on the front lawn, I guess it will be a wee bit smaller than they would have expected. But who CARES, right??]

I have to go check out the progress, Dearest Reader, but I will be back with updates.


Feni the Dawg