DIarY oF a pRe-TeEn reBEL

OK, so who exactly does Aunt Maribel think she is??

Not only has she assigned Mom to make sure that I write in this stupid journal daily, she has also made my mother promise that she’ll take away all [ALL!!] my electronic privileges if I fail to do so. As IF I don’t have more worthwhile ways to waste my time [like download Top 40 ringtones for my parents cells so I don’t get embarrassed when my Mom’s phone starts ringing in a public place, thanks to the fact that her current tone is “Daddy Cool.” -Boney M is SOOOOOO 1900s-].

And OK, it IS the beginning of the highly-anticipated-by-the-kids-but-even-more-highly-dreaded-by-the-parents summer break and all, but so WHAT?? Does that mean that Aunt M is automatically entitled to believe I can sacrifice ten-to-fifteen minutes of my valuable time to pen down a few words in a NOTEBOOK???????

I’ll admit it, though. Writing has always been a favourite hobby. But “jotting down my emotions” [Her words] is so not what I had in mind as a cool way to spend the next two months of my life. Think about all the other awesome stuff I could do instead of being curled up on the couch with a cup of cocoa and my diary:

1] Have a Harry Potter movie marathon with the few friends that I have at school

2] Dance at the Rio Carnival wearing nothing but a shimmering two piece [and maybe my parents would FREAK at that suggestion, but hey, at least it was an option before I suddenly had an added responsibility]

3] Adopt a baby Polar Bear [I would totally be doing a good deed -because, with the melting ice caps and all, how long do you think it would’ve survived back at home, anyway?? On the other hand, how long will it be able to live in MANHATTAN???-]

4] Climb Kilimanjaro single-handedly [It could happen!!]

And while there are people who will argue that having to take away a few minutes of my day to pursue other activities [like, I don’t know, scribble away in a note pad] does not mean that I CAN’T do the above, all I have to say is this;

Have YOU tried to scrawl out your day’s events while cleaning up Polar Bear poo?? I thought so.

Aunt Maribel is completely crossing the line here. She doesn’t have the right to go around bossing MY family [which is –unfortunately- also HER family, but whatevs].

That’s it for today’s… um, entry. I don’t want to, but I guess I’m going to have to pay you a lot of visits, huh, diary??

My mates will get hysterical if they find out that I have been interacting with a BOOK. Gosh, I am such a lunatic.

P.S: Over my dead body am I going to write more in this stinking book –EVER AGAIN-, even if it means not being able to play Hay Day for the rest of my life. So if some loser is reading this right now, you can safely decide to close this without running the risk of missing out something juicy.

Check out Preteenrebel.wordpress.com for TONS of journal entries, dark confessions and deep secrets!!


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