A Hero(ine) Returns…

…Annnd I’m back!!

After just about a year of sitting around and neglecting my fans from all around the globe [read: my Mom], I, Feni the Labrador, am officially making my triumphant return to the blogosphere.

Well, maybe not so triumphant considering how my follower count has dropped drastically and my page views are now in negatives, but that’s not really what we’re talking about here, is it??

After what seems like an eternity and a half, I’m BACK and so, so ready to start sharing all the gossip from my glamorous life [just this morning, I ate breakfast AND a whole scoop of London Dairy Vanilla ice cream. In one sitting. I don’t see how life could get any more glamorous than that, honestly].

So strap in, sit back and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime because this dog is BACK, and you’d better get used to it.


Let Me Know What You Think About My MAGNIFIQUE Blog!!

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