The More You Know…

You know when you -as in any dog owner- try to pull a fast one on your pet and then bask in the after-glow of having successfully tricked an innocent, dependent, little puppy into doing something you know no dog in their right minds would want to do [like -I don’t know- have their entire SNOUT shoved into a bucket of soapy water under the presence of being BATHED]??

And you know how you feel all great and accomplished and triumphant at the end of it?? Super relieved that you got away with it??

Well, guess what?? You didn’t.

You see, dogs are much sharper than you give us credit for, and we know about EVERYTHING that goes on around us. And you want to know something else??

We’re killer at revenge.

So the next time you fool your Beagle into staying at home while you party the night away, I suggest you check your bed sheets thoroughly before slipping in that night, lest you be caught unaware by a little -ahem- surprise…

Image result for the more you know


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