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It has just occurred to me that the only reason humans claim that delicacies like chocolate and cake and chocolate cake are “bad” for animals is because they want to have it all to themselves!!

Think about it; when has something so bad ever felt so good [yes, I am using Krypteria lyrics to describe cake and that should give you an idea of how strongly I feel about this issue]?? Sure, there’s drugs and cigarettes and Netflix-binges. But have ANY of them ever felt as great as it feels to just sink your teeth into a red velvet cupcake [especially when you’re starving]??

I think not.

Which makes it all the more PREPOSTEROUS that humans have turned them into a sort of forbidden fruit for the rest of us. I mean, the only way I can get a taste of Mom’s famous moist chocolate cake is by grabbing the odd bite here and there from other people’s plates. Not that do that, or anything. I’m just saying that that’s the kind of stunt we, as animals, have to pull-off just to get our tummies filled.

Which, just FYI, TOTALLY sucks.


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