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My Best Mistake [Pt. 2]

OK, so a whole entire week after I published the first part, I’ve FINALLY found time to upload the second half of my [not so] EPIC, [not at ALL] RECORD BREAKING [you have GOT to be kidding me] “Best Mistake” Saga. Here we go;


Would her unique ability to write be uncovered??

Would she be send to a lab??

Would they test and retest her until

They decoded her gift of the gab??

She pondered, mused, discussed with herself,

Until ANOTHER fateful noon,

When she realised that stressing WASN’T going to help,

She had to stop it, and soon!!

So this very dog who was once content,

Ste out to be happy once more,

Seeked solace in writing and dreaming and such,

And shooed her worry out the door.

And even though this very blog,

Was once the cause of her frown,

It also helped her when she needed it most,

Picked her up when she was down.

La Fin!


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