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My Best Mistake [Pt. 1]

In honor of International Screw-Up Day [is that a thing yet??], I have written a deep, philosophical ode, dedicated to all the canines out there who can comprehend the Queen’s Language and proceed to blog all about their daily escapades but are unable to actually voice their opinion thanks to their impossibly flabby tongues [so, yeah, dedicated to just me].


Three years ago, on this very day,

This very dog decided,

That she would start this very blog,

Every rule she abided.

She read every single lousy term,

And each boaring condition,

Her password she made VERY strong,

[It’s NOT @123IwaNtReCogNitiOn]

She didn’t use her real name,

Used “WoofDiaries” instead,

And she thought about it every morn,

And every night, in bed.

She thought about what she might write,

On her blog the next day,

She thought about her few followers,

And passed her time this way!

And, it must be said, she was content,

Until that fateful noon,

When she thought it safe to browse the web,

[And Google “Is Santa from the moon??”]

ALAS! She happened to chance upon,

Her human sister’s WordPress,

Her dainty smile turned upside down,

Her pulse quickened in distress!

She panicked and wondered and panicked again,

At possible ends to this story,

Would her highly guarded secret be

Unleashed in all its glory?!

Unfortunately, this is all I have time type, and that’s probably a good thing because who doesn’t like to be left hanging from time to time?? AND, if you don’t read my next post, you’ll NEVER EVER INTO INFINITE know how it all ended, so…


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