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Dilemma with a capital “D”

Still recovering from that ultra-shock Taylo gave me last week.

Well, not Taylor HERSELF, but the fact that she has a freaking BLOG. A freaking WORDPRESS blog. A freaking DISASTROUS WordPress blog. [I think I’m running of adjectives to use. Iphone Siri was right; I need to go learn myself some English!!]


This has TOTALLY floored me. What if Taylor tracks me down through the WordPress-community-members page and then -I don’t know- asks me whether I want to meet up sometime for a Cappucinno or something?? Huh?? WHAT WILL I SAY?? “Um, I’m pretty sure we’ve already met considering how we’ve been living under the same roof for about FOUR YEARS NOW. Oh, I’m your DOG, by the way. You’re talking, blogging, thinking DOG. P.S: Don’t tell Mom!!” As IF.

Although, you know, I’m kind of certain nobody wants to grab a bite with someone whose WP avatar is a turd.

WHAT?? [That was an indignant “WHAT??,” by the way] Picking a suitable avatar is VERY stressful, OK?? I ended up in tears because of my inability to choose between a DELECTABLE sack of Pedigree or an equally scrumptious-looking raspberry chew as my profile picture. I ended up choosing the poop-emoticon because HELLO?? All the cool kids were RAVING about it [I think]. AND, it’s just as YUM as kibble, so win-win.

Actually, make that win-win-win, because it is DEFINITELY going to ward Taylor off. TOTALLY.

Problem solved.



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