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Get Your Chillax On

Mom and Dad are scheduled to arrive back at the house on the 5th, and I’m trying to enjoy these last few days of absolute freedom to the fullest [lounging on the sofa, raiding the Pedigree jar, peeing on Dad’s brand new garden equipment… That sort of thing]. The kids are going to stay on at Summer Camp for a couple more weeks, but, to be honest, when my liberty is concerned, their presence doesn’t really make a difference. Sure, I seem to spend a lot more hours being belly-rubbed when they’re around, but except for that, whether they’re in the house or not doesn’t alter my agenda [which is what matters most, at the end of the day].

Don’t blame me when I’m utterly down in the dumps when the ‘rents come back home because I’ll have to trade freedom for responsibility, unlimited kibble for yucky broccoli, jumping on the sofa set for huddling for an iota of warmth on that scruffy rug they call my “bed…” Face it, I DESERVE a little mope-time.

Ma- Whoops, the reminder I set for Impractical Jokers is buzzing. Ciao for Now!! [Isn’t that a catchy lil’ farewell?? I should use it more often…]


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