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Someday, I will persuade my parents to allow me to sit on the couch [this way, I won’t have to steal moments on the sofa -in between their shopping trips downtown- to enjoy its soft, cushiony texture and feel like a criminal in the process].

Someday, I will become Victoria Secret’s first ever +++++++ sized CANINE underwear model, thus proving to the world that not only humans and skinny-as-heck lasses can look and feel fabulous [also, there’s the world fame and free undies, so two points for me!!]

Someday, I will have enough resources –which is rich people speak for cash- to indulge myself in back-to-back, seven-star cruises around the world [and I will also get the staff to make an exception and let me get my human pets along –that is, Mom and Dad. Oh, and my sisters].

Someday, my book will become so widely popular that OBAMA will fall to his knees ad beg ME to autograph his copy [hey, it could happen!!].

Someday, I will be so famous that my Wikipedia page will be the most visited Wikipedia page in history [Michael Jackson who??].

Someday I will publish a book and have a Wikipedia page.


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