Take TWO · Woof Humor


I cannot believe how close that was!! Phew!!

Just when I was beginning to despair, when I started to feel like all was lost and I had better throw the towel in before my parents figured out my deception and threw my towel in for me [if you have no idea what I’m going on -AND ON- about, read all about my -almost- Woof Wacation (sic)], I was SAVED SAVED SAVED by the very people because of whom I was plunged into this mess in the first place, the staff of Kissss FM.

That’s right. Just when I was ready to give up, ready to stop playing this silly little game and just TELL me parents that I can read, write, blog and understand conversation like any other human being [everything but TALK, basically, thanks to my impossibly flabby tongue that has vowed to make speech as difficult as can be for me -hey that rhymes!!] when Kissss FM went ahead and WITHDREW the entire thing!!

How sweet was that??

And, OK, it isn’t like they did it for ME. They sure as hell didn’t break the hearts of the two other winners just to please a bloggin’ DOG. It was probably because of some technical difficulty that popped in the way or something.

Either way, whether they did it because they love and admire me so much [HA!] or because of some financial problem, I’m OK with it. Because it means that I can continue blogging and listening to private conversations just like always, and to me, that is the ultimate pleasure.


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