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Woof Wacation (sic)

First of all, I’m very excited to tell you guys that I have FINALLY understood the meaning of “(sic)”. All these years, I’ve come across it SO MANY TIMES in tweets and comments and even blog posts, but never really had the inclination to figure out what it meant [which basically tells you what a lazy critter I am]. UNTIL TODAY.

So brace yourselves for an overload of (sic)s in the next couple of posts, because there are going to be quite a few.

On a probably more exciting subject, GUESS WHAT?? The radio station KissssFM (sic) -told you- launched a competition earlier this year, in which the participants were requested to answer three simple questions via text message by the following day, and from the first five thousand correct responses, three lucky winners would be chosen at random and be awarded -get this-  BACKSTAGE PASSES FOR THE 1D ON THE ROAD AGAIN TOUR!!

OF COURSE, I submitted the answers as fast as I could [which is not very fast, considering how my furry paws kept getting in the way and typing the exact OPPOSITE of what I wanted typed]. Actually, I sent my answers a LOT more than once. 1,309 times, to be precise. [Yeah, I DID feel guilty when I heard Dad scold Kathryn and Taylor for the high phone bill “they” had racked up that month. But hey, it was for the greater good, right??]


About a week later, I received an SMS from Kissss (sic) containing these EXACT WORDS:

Congratulations!! You were chosen among the 1,309,234 submissions we received to watch the biggest boyband of the decade [1D!!] rock Great Britain LIVE on the 1st of March!! You were selected PURELY because your talent, greatness and the way you make EVERYONE want to be YOU!! KUDOS ON BEING MY NUMBER ONE ROLE MODEL, FENI!!

OK, maybe that wasn’t their EXACT choice of words. But you get the idea. And, anyway, the main takeaway from their text was:



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