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Here Is A Thought

It has come to my attention that in countries like India, there are ENTIRE STATES without a SINGLE Dunkin Donuts joint!! THE ATROCITY!!

Think about it; in a few years from now, when I’m all set to start my first ever global tour [Funnylicious: The One-Dog Comic Show!!] and am boarding my flight to India for my sold-out concerts there, WHAT do you think my reaction is going to be when my manager tells me that there are ZERO DD stores in the ENTIRE COUNTRY?? HUH??

I am a VERY mature dog. I’m sensitive and caring and a gift to mankind, to be utterly frank [not to mention modest]. But tell me that I won’t be able to clench my jaws around an extra-large Croissant Donut for a whole WEEK [or two] and I just might scream the house down [true story -well, a wee bit exaggerated].

Which brings me to this question; why don’t we have Dunkin’ Donut joints all over the world?? Think about it, it would barely take any resources [just a few hundreds of thousands of dollars which is nothing if you take into consideration the deliciousness you get in return] AND it would ensure a smoother stay for me in foreign countries.

Win-win, y’all.


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