The Hundred and Thirty Fourth Award Ceremony

THE #GRAMMYs ARE IN FOUR DAYS!!!!! I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED Y’ALL!! [Well, I’m also kind of sour about the whole affair, considering how I was SUPPOSED to have gotten my big break by now and should’ve been up there performing one of my numerous #1 singles with Sam Smith instead of lounging on the couch with a bowl of popcorn that either has too much pepper or too little salt -Oh wait, I can’t even do THAT because 1) I’m a dog and dog’s aren’t allowed on the furniture and 2) Popcorn is apparently “bad” for us canines so I can’t even binge on THAT!! -Although I’m sure that all these diet restrictions have been imposed on us poor creatures just so that humans can hog all the London Dairy Tiramisu ice cream in the fridge and not offer us any but still feel good about it- Gawd, being me doesn’t just majorly SUCK, it STINKS TO THE HIGH HEAVENS]

I can’t WAIT WAIT WAIT to watch all those divalicious performances and [not to mention] crazy dance moves busted by some of our favorite pop stars. But most of all, I can’t WAIT to watch Queen Bey get awarded Album of the Year!! [FINALLY!!!] See, i’ve got it all worked out; from all the nominees, the only album that is capable of winning against Bey’s LEGENDARY surprise album is Beck’s. But it’s only CAPABLE. Will it WIN?? Not in this world, Becky Boy!!

I mean, take a moment to think about it; between XO and Flawless, Drunk in Love and Pretty Hurts, our Sasha Fierce leaves not much space for criticism. How could she possible NOT win?! I mean, this is BEYONCÉ we’re talking about!!

Oof, all this fangirling has got me hungry. Time to scout the dustbins for suitable leftovers!!


2 thoughts on “The Hundred and Thirty Fourth Award Ceremony

    1. Do you know how much more I respect you after seeing that comment?? [Which may make me less of a person or whatever, but I’m a DOG for crying out loud. I have a license to say crazy things]

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