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The Hundred And Twenty-Ninth Book Review

Hey you guys!! It’s Feni the Bloggin’ Dog here and I was wondering whether this month could be Media Review Month?? I mean, who better to educate you on what to read and watch than ME, the most culturally enriched being to ever walk the face of the planet, right?! 

So here goes…


Let me get this straight; I LIKED The Fault in Our Stars. That said, let me also add that, apart from the few, hilarious sentences scattered throughout the duration of the book, I found it to be… well, little more than pleasant.

A friend had told me about the story a few weeks prior to my reading it. Of course, I’d HEARD of it [very few people haven’t] but had never really thought about reading it until I noticed a classmate leafing through it during History one fateful Tuesday.

Two minutes later, I was plonked on my bench, my whole being absorbed in the novel cradled in my hands.

I LOVED the first chapter. 10 out of mind-blowing 10.

The second chapter was good, but not great. 9/10

The third chapter was also good, though nothing special. 8/10

And so it progressed.

I had to actually FORCE myself to plough through the last 50-odd pages of the book. FORCE. And, believe me, that isn’t something you want to do while reading a book that has been chalked down by the media as “damn near genius.”

One thing that REALLY confused me was the way Hazel and Gus conversed. In the beginning, they were all Shakespeare-esque, what with their never-ending sentences and their frequent use of words that crossed the 15-alphabet mark. And as you read on, they suddenly morph into normal teens and utter monosyllables like there’s no tomorrow. What’s up with THAT??

Another thing that bugged me was that, after about a hundred and fifty pages, it became absolutely clear that Augustus wasn’t going to make it to the end. Just the fact that I was able to PREDICT a vital element of the book is pretty sad.

Oh, and the whole An Imperial Affliction thing?? I thought that it was an actual book that I would have to read so as to TRULY understand Gus and Hazel’s relationship, but NOOOO. Turns out, AIA doesn’t even EXIST!!!! Talk about a MAJOR disappointment.

I guess the ‘Okay’ ‘Okay’ ‘Okay’ bits were pretty cool. So was the ‘Isaac egged his ex’s car’ part.

And, OK, there were some parts that had me laughing my head off. And there were others that made me feel pangs of sympathy for Hazel. But nothing more.

I didn’t “weep my eyes off” as the bookstore adverts assured me. Neither did I “chuckle myself hoarse” as book reviewers stated.

I didn’t even feel a strong-enough bond between Hazel and I. You would think that it would be easy enough to form one, seeing how she’s a cancer patient who has been terminal upon diagnosis and all. But apparently not.

In my humble, twelve-year-old opinion, TFIOS was mainly hype. If not for the raving reviews strategically placed at the back of the book, or the love-struck fans who ran around town screaming that this was the one book you must read or even the friend who casually mentioned it to me, I might not even have given it a second thought.

Which doesn’t say a lot, does it??


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