The Hundred and Twenty Fifth Do-Gooder

I have made up my mind.

After all those years of sitting back and greedily accepting the dozens of presents my family has faithfully showered on me, I have decided to pay them back. This year, Feni the dog is going CHRISTMAS SHOPPING and don’t you doubt it.

I’ve already made a list, and to be honest, I’m not really sure what a bunch of humans REALLY want on festive occasions.

But I’ve tried my best to put myself in their shoes [or high-heels, in Mom’s case] and wonder what I’d want most. Here is the outcome;

MY CHRISTMAS LIST 2014                 Budget: 12.60 $ [As found in the sock drawer]

-Feni/ Her Royal Highness of Fritzbahquar [NO, I did NOT just make that up]

DADDY: A new pair of socks [as his old ones REEEEK] [Will have to get some from a second-hand or store, or steal it from a Salvation Army donation box… He’ll never know]

Cost: 2-0$

MOMMY: A box of hair clips [Because she is so constantly complaining that you can’t find one when you really need it]

Cost: 1.5$

TAYLOR: A nice, homemade [FREE] decorated rock with a big fat “T” slathered in gold, up front

Cost: ZIP!! ZILCH!! ZERO!! [Am I not a genius??]

TRIKAYA: A nice little mirror [Because she just CAN’T pass a mirror without standing right in front of it and gawking at her reflection for the next thirty minutes. I mean, if she likes doing it so much, shouldn’t she have the resources to be able to do it all the time?? -This will also mean that she’ll have considerable less time to check her emails and such and therefore, I will have more time to myself on the laptop!! DOUBLE VICTORY!!]

Cost: .1.5 $

ME: A super-sized carton of premium, Wasabi-flavored Frosty Paws [because who deserves to ring in the new year with a mouth full of pet-friendly ice cream more than I do??]

Cost: 47$

OK, while everyone else’s gifts fit snugly into my budget, my OWN present is a little bit… on the expensive side. But that’s OK. I’m sure I’ll find a way to get my paws on a little more cash. Because nothing can stand in the way of my triple-scooped Wasbai fantasy.



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