The Hundred and Twenty Fourth FaLaLaLaLa

Deck the halls with boughts of…

Whoops, didn’t see you there, Dear Reader!! So busy preparing for the festive season that I’ve barely had time to breathe between catching up on my favorite holiday serials and chuckling at the whole “Gay Apparel” part, forget UPDATING my BLOG.

I mean, it seems like such a crazy idea nowadays. BLOGGING. Why?? Apart from it being completely pointless and a never-ending process, WHY would I go out of my way to impress a bunch of strangers with what I know are my superior literary skills?? It just doesn’t FIGURE.

Like, I could have watched an entire episode of The Desperate Reindeer Of The North Pole in the time it took for me to type this up, which either means that a) I am a technologically-backward Labrador or that b) An episode of TDROTNP is scandalously short due to how they have NO MATERIAL WHATSOEVER. Either way, it definitely means that c) I have WAAY more important things to be doing right now [do you know how many more YouTube videos of cats playing “Away In A Manger” on banjos I still have to watch?? Buckets lists, PEOPLE!!]

On that MERRY note,


P.S: Please disregard anything offensive or barmy I might have said in the duration of this post, due to how I’m severely drunk on eggnog [who knew??] and probably don’t make sense even to myself. Felicitations.


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