The Hundred and Eleventh -Immensely Immense- RELIEF

I thought I’d wait ’til the cat was safely sent back to where she came from [and where she should STAY FOREVERMORE, if you ask me] to blog again. I mean, these humans have HUGE punctuality issues. [I remember that Dad once set eight A.M as the starting time of one of his business conferences and he DID reach at eight. Just a week in advance -A WEEK!!-]

Who knows how long the cat would have really managed to slink in as part of our family if I hadn’t been continually dropping subtle hints about its presence. Like typing “THE CAT!! THE CAT!! IT’S STILL THERE!! WHY IS IT STILL THERE?!!” on MS Word and leaving the document open for whomever uses the computer next. [OK, maybe not-so-subtle hints]

Anyway, IT is gone now and I can finally eat my meals in peace, without the fear of a tuna-loving, tic-attracting, KIBBLE-THIEVING feline grabbing a mouthful before I do. I can sleep without having to wake up in the middle of the night on account of how IT has snuggled -SNUGGLED!!- up close to my belly. [Somehow, IT took quite a liking to me. In spite of the death stares and evil-eyes I kept flashing in ITs direction. Just goes to show you how utterly irresistible I am]

I should probably write a book about it. You know, “100000000000000000000 reasons NOT to adopt a cat.” Hey, you never know. It COULD be the next Harry Potter…


2 thoughts on “The Hundred and Eleventh -Immensely Immense- RELIEF

  1. omg i loved reading your post, dude. it makes me so happy going through the archives and reading through your blogging history. and i know that you are a grammar freak and you are probably freaking out about my non-capital “i”s and start-of-the-sentences, but the caps lock key is temporarily stuck and my bro is trying to wedge it out of the rut. oh, and i know that i’ve been commenting on your blogs a lot, but don’t think i’m stalking you or anything. just right place at the right time…

    1. Dude, don’t worry about the “No-Caps” thing. I totally get it. In fact, it looks kind of cool 😉
      And THANKS THANKS THANKS for commenting so much… I means a lot 😀

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