Woof Humor

The Hundred and Tenth Bit Of Good News

Oh thank GAWD. The Cat is scheduled to leave out house [and NEVER COME BACK!!] by the end of the month. So that leaves me with exactly… [carry the one… strike that number… mmm hmm…] SEVEN days [give or take a few weeks. Hey, having a talking, typing, blogging dog is INCREDIBLE enough; now you want a mathematically genius canine as well??] to bear “its” presence in MY home.


I’ve already started preparing the invitee list for the party I’m going to throw once “it” departs from my life. And, OK, maybe I have only two guests who’ve agreed to come so far [and one of them is the old lady on Canning Street who dies a few years ago] but WHATEVER. It’s not like I need the friends, anyway. The way I see it is, more pepperoni pizza for me!!

I cannot WAIT for the 30th. This piece of news itself calls for a celebration [it’s not everyday that your ancestral enemy decides to banish itself as far away from you as possible].

Time to cannonball into a pitcher of Kool Aid!!! [Although whether I’ll fit is a story for another day]


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