Woof Humor

The Ninety-Eighth Eureka

I’VE GOT IT!!!!!! I’ve figured out how to let Kathryn down slowly, mentioning that it’s not her, it’s me [oh wait, we’re not BREAKING UP, right?? So scrap the last part]. This is what I’m going to do. [I’ve already saved a draft of the e I’m going to send her, but I haven’t shipped it yet because I want YOU, Dear Reader, to have the privilege of reading it before ANYBODY ELSE, including the to-be recipient herself] Here it is, the third-class excuse I am going to use against Kathryn, thus dethroning her from her post as B-Dawg:

To: LipGlossGurl999@Outlook.com

From: DontWantNoStalkers@Yahoo.com

Re: B-Dawg and You

Hey there, Kathryn!!

This is the creator of B-Dawg speaking and I read the email that you sent me last night. I understand your decision to back out of the contest and wish you all the best for future endeavours.

 I remain,

A person you can reach out to,


See?? It’s a stroke of genius, really. I’ve made it sound like as if Kathryn has sent me a message saying that she doesn’t wish to be B-Dawg and I’ve replied accordingly, though, of course, no such eMail was received on my part.

Which is about as low as a person/dog can go.

But if it will give me the chance of working at a paper that half of America reads, then I’m game. [As sad as that sounds]



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