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The Ninety-Seventh Bright Idea [Part Two]

I’ve just realised that although the previous post was titled the “Bright Idea,” I didn’t mention the Idea [bright or otherwise] in it. Which is what I’m going to do now.

You see, all I really need to do it go back in time to the minute I sent the e to Kathryn and warm myself against it. As that isn’t quite possible [trust humans to go around landing on the moon and cloning sheep but ignore the task of manufacturing a functional time machine!!], I’m going to do the next best thing;

Send another eMail to my foster sister stating that, although I recall mentioning in our previous correspondence that she could replace me as the nations preeminent advisor forever more, a few incidents have taken place that prevent me from handing her the title just yet.

Ugh, when I put it down on paper like that, it sounds like a totally unprofessional thing to do. But what other option do I have?? I CAN’T let her take my place, ESPECIALLY since The NewYorker is practically BEGGING me for a position on their staff. That would be INSANE. [Which is not a quality that I lack, -insanity, I mean- but COME ON!!]

I’m going to have to think of a new way out. Preferable one that won’t destroy my karma.


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