Woof Humor

The Ninty-Seventh Bright Idea


Not ALL my problems, of course. I still have no idea how to magically morph into a two-legged creature so that I can appear for my Newyorker one-on-one, but other than that [and how I STILL haven’t sourced a catered who is willing to 1) bake dog-food 24/7 and 2) work for free], I’ve figured out how I can STILL be B-Dawg!!

And it’s a pretty low-down, uncouth way to do it. [It’ll be like telling someone they won the lottery and then saying, ‘Wait, you’re 679877653?? Sorry, I’m looking for 679877654. Looks like you didn’t actually win three million dollars… >Nervously Laughs<‘]

But what’s more important right now?? Making sure Kathryn’s emotional status is tip-top or saving my own butt from permanent damage??




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