Woof Humor

The Ninety-Second Choice

My brain and my conscience fought.

No, really fought. I was up all night, weighing the pros and cons of being honest and making Kathryn win.


1. My life could very well be finished if Mom and Dad figure out about this [which I’m pretty sure they are, considering how no one in this house is even allowed to use the loo without their permission]

2. I need someone of -how do I put this??- superior intellect to take over MY business. I mean, what if Kath manages to WRECK B-Dawg??

3. Think about all the hearts that will be shattered. And for what?? So that my can’t-think-beyond-the-next-Gucci-sale sister can start running B-Dawg??


1. I can co to sleep at night knowing that I did the right thing.

That’s about it. For THREE very valid, very DANGEROUS cons, I have one LOUSY, stinkin’ pro that I’m not even sure is qualified to be one in the first place. I mean, who even cares about CONSCIENCE these days??

That’s right. NO ONE.

So why should I?? [Care about it, I mean] Why should I always be the good one and play by the rules??

I’m telling you, being a dog in a world run by humans?? Sucks.


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