Woof Humor

The Ninety-First Shock

Imagine my surprise when I shove open the note on which the name of the person who will take over my very popular column is inscribed…

…Only to see KATHRYN’S name there. My SISTER, Kathryn. Who is now, officially, B-Dawg.

Only, she isn’t.

Because NO WAY IN HECK am I crowning her as the next B-Dawg. No WAY. It’s bad enough that I am a dog with a thing for blogging.

But being a dog with a thing for blogging AND a having family who knows all about it?? No thank you.

Because I can totally see what will happen if I let Kathryn win; The first thing she’ll do is tell Mom and Dad, and they’ll spend the whole night Googling B-Dawg and they’ll chance upon my blog and the next thing you know, I’m in a zoo filled with “special” animals like myself, writing for anyone who slips a fiver into my cage.

And that is SO what I want to do for the rest of my life.


I’m going to have to think fast and figure out what to do. I mean, when it comes to personal reasons, I have more than enough to realize that Kathryn is not becoming the next me [even the THOUGHT is revolting. How can my lipstick-obsessed sibling POSSIBLY be half as charismatic and sophisticated as MOI??].

But when I dig deeper, my conscience is telling me that, even though it may completely destroy my life, I should stick to the rules and tell her that she won, fair and square.

Over an eMail, of course. I couldn’t just TELL her face-to-face, for obvious reasons [one of them being that I can’t -ahem- speak].

Who knew that replacing myself would turn out to be such a heinous task????


2 thoughts on “The Ninety-First Shock

    1. Pout?? [Look at me, stressing on the one spelling error you made instead of thanking you with all my heart for bothering to comment on my humble site!!]

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