Woof Humor

The Eighty-Eighth Interrogation


I JUST finished sorting out all the names before going to bed last night, and this morning as I trotted down the stairs to get cracking on the heinous task of selecting only one draft among the tens of thousands, when I noticed that instead of the notes being in neat piles, like I’d left them last night, they were all over the place. ALL OVER THE PLACE!!!!

Do you know how much blood and sweat and bladder control it took to arrange ALL the sheets alphabetically?? Do you know the amount of sleepless nights I had to go through to get the work done when I did?? DO YOU KNOW WHAT I’M GOING TO DO TO THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS ONCE I GET MY HANDS ON THEIR DIRTY LITTLE NECKS?????????????

They’ve managed to make the past three days of my life count only as complete wastes. They’ve wrecked all the plans I had of the delicious announcement I had planned to release today. And they’ve also gotten my day off to an utterly crappy start. Thanks a LOT, eejits.

Looks like I’m going to have to start all over again. The problem is, the family returned from their little rendezvous yesterday morning, so I don’t know how I’ll be able to work today. Or tomorrow. Or any day for the rest of my life.

[In case you’re wondering how come my parents didn’t see the scraps of card lying around the house, I want to let you know that I very cleverly -if I may say so myself-  pushed all the scraps under the carpet in the hall. They may have been a little suspicious -after all, the rug is now elevated to a height of about fifteen feet thanks to all the bits shoved there- but they didn’t show it]



2 thoughts on “The Eighty-Eighth Interrogation

    1. I wish I myself were more confident about my problem-solving skillz… [notice the “z” at the end of “skills”?? See, I’m a cool BROTHA when I wanna BE!!]

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