Woof Humor

The Eighty-Sixth Decision

As the title suggests, I have decided.

I have figured out how to choose a winner; by picking lots. I KNOW, there are infinite better ways to select someone to follow my prestigious footsteps, but I don’t really CARE.

Oh My Gangster Gun, I can’t believe I actually wrote that!!

I mean, of COURSE I care, it’s just that I don’t have the TIME. How do you expect a DOG to spend hours on the COMPUTER [just for the sake of some silly columnist I decided to create just because I had nothing else to do]??

So I sent a mass eMail to everyone who clicked the “I want to participate!!” button on my CL advertisement -curse them- and told them that if they wanted to seriously become the next B-Dawg, they should send their name to my address.

On after thoughts, that probably wasn’t the wisest choice. I mean, what are Mom and Dad going to say when they receive a TSUNAMI WAVE of chits with random people’s name’s scribbled on??

B-Dawg, SAVE ME!!!!!


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