The Eighty-Fourth Swoon

I am still not sure how I missed all those notification beeps that hit my computer when someone checked out my advert on Craigslist. Maybe  just though someone had left the refrigerator open or something.

The point is, in exactly two minutes, I received TWO THOUSAND replies to my ad. How many will I have now, nearly SIX DAYS since I put my offer up?? [I  logged out of my CL account and shut down the window as soon as  I saw the staggering number appear on my account]

I’m almost too scared to check. I mean, what if there are so many that the whole computer crashes, unable to take in the enormous amount of input??

Here goes nothing…

NOWAY. NOWAY. NOWAY, NOWAY, NOWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 709,765 REPLIES!!!!!!!!!

Too exhausted to… to…



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