Woof Humor

The Eighty-Third Tryout

I gave it a night’s pondering [two nights, in fact]and have come to the conclusion that it’s time to pass over the B-Legacy to someone who doesn’t aspire to become anything more important that a well-known advice columnist.

I even created a free ad on Craigslist stating that “anyone who wants to become the nation’s next BIG social figure can sign up at WoofDiaries.com” I put up the offer only about three minutes ago, so I shouldn’t be surprised if I don’t get a response even as late as tomo…

Would you believe it?? I’ve already got a candidate who is willing to fill up B-Dawg’s shoes. So even if nobody else is willing to sign up, I’ll at least have ONE person to…

Hey, another potential future-me!! At least there’ll be SOME competition…

Oh My Granola Bar, I don’t have TWO requests from people who want to turn their lives into whirlwinds and compete for the post of B-Dawg…

I have two THOUSAND.


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