Woof Humor

The Eighty-First Struggle

405 LETTERS!!!!!!!!! All I can do nowadays is wake up, answer fan mail, eat, answer fan mail and then go back to sleep!! It’s tiring me out, this routine. I’m not sure whether I’ll be able to continue with “Ask B-Dawg” for much longer.

And I know that if I do so, it will leave a lot of hearts will be shattered, a lot of faces smeared with snot and tears, a lot of fans disappointed [Their calling themselves “B-Friends now. Isn’t that KIYOOT???] . But it’s for the best. I’m afraid, for once in my life, I will have to be selfish and put my own health first.

I’m just happy that I got this chance to interact and possibly help so many kids out there. If only they have someone to confide in… Hey, I know what to do!! If this whole “B-Dawg” business gets too out of hand, I can always hand it down to somebody… Somebody who has no life, no social interaction and definitely nothing else to do than sit around all day with a bunch of letters.

Unfortunately, there seems like there’s no one on this planet to fill that criteria other than… well, me [harsh, but true]. Looks like I’m stuck with this for a while… :/ [That’s supposed to be a frowny face, for those of you who don’t know your emoticons]


4 thoughts on “The Eighty-First Struggle

  1. Although, by the looks of this post, you’re not too happy with receiving so many.. :/

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