Woof Humor

The Seventy-Second Strip

I’m fully aware that in my previous post I promised you, Dear Reader, that I’d get back to you in a few moments. But I couldn’t due to mathematical issues. Anyway, I’m here now, and I can truthfully state that I have:

1] Two bits o’ Good news


2] Two bits o’ Bad

The Good news is; remember that Dog Kennel Dad was talking about?? Well, recent study [read: I dug out Dad’s calendar and read a bit] show that Dad was RECOMMENDING Dog Kennels to his bud. They weren’t for me. The other chunk of Good news is that… WE’RE GOING TO TEXAS FOR A VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taylor informed me about it today. She was all, ‘What do YOU think about, I do’t know, going to TEXAS FOR A WEEK, Feni??’ Of course, she doesn’t know that I can understand every single word she utters [except the really long ones like Fastidious  and Turpitude. [I’m not even sure I spelled those right]

Now for the Bad news;

I get TERRIBLY carsick. Once, when Mum decided to take me to Grandma & Grandpa’s [which is about two miles away], I threw up so much on the back seat that they SOLD THE CAR. No joke.

The other sad part is that I’m not sue I’ll be able to blog so frequently [not that I’m a regular poster, anyway] but I will try my best.

Peace Out!! [That’s kind of my new favorite thing to say…]


2 thoughts on “The Seventy-Second Strip

    1. Thanks for that chantal & malaika [i say, that is the weirdest name EVER!!]
      I spent many a sleepless night wondering whether I spelled ’em right 😛

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