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The Sixty-Eighth Award

I was just surfing the net, trying to find out how many different types of tofu actually exist when the laptop started beeping, which meant I’d gotten a WordPress notification. Yeah!! That’s what I’m talking about, baby!! [WHEN was the last time someone commented on my site????????? HA??????????]

Pointing the cursor over my blog’s tab, I clicked and scrolled over to my message box.

Think about the SHOCK and ECSTASY that swept over my being when I realised that Don Charisma [a favorite blogger] had decided to award ME the prestigious “Inner Peace” Award!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Charisma Inner Peace Award

Apparently, the only condition to accept this award is write up a short paragraph on why I’m agreeing to say yes. I’ve got three words for you; ‘WHY WOULDN’T I?????’

I mean, WHO says NO to an AWARD??????? Better yet, a WORDPRESS AWARD?????????

So, being the law-abiding citizen that I am, here’s my one paragraph;

Why I Think I Deserve The Inner Peace Award

I was BORN to be on stage, hearing my name being called out, running up to the podium to receive a glittering trophy with my name engraved on it. Instead of a showcase full of medals, though, God decided to grant me four legs and a tail instead. Humph. 

So you can see why getting this is such a big deal to me. I’m all about optimism and seeing the silver lining and stuff. If you had to pick ONE person who is the most calm on the inside, you’d probably choose me [wouldn’t you?? WOULDN’T YOU????????????]. That’s why I know I’m right for this badge, and it is right for me. Thanks Don, and have a GREAT day, Dear Reader!!




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