Woof Humor

The Sixty-Seventh Phase

I am STARSTRUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me start with a question; have you ever heard someone sing and then immediately decided that you cannot live without listening to his/her voice every single moment till the day you die??

Well, I have. And believe me, it is not easy to continue surviving without being able to hear his/her music fill your ears constantly. [Which is what I am forced to do, thanks to the fact that I cannot operate the music system and pop in one of  my new favorite artist’s CD’s]

I know that this post is very short and that is inexcusable in the world of blogging, but sometimes there is stuff you just have to do, stuff that just might be more important that spilling your guts out to a random bunch of people.

So I guess this is goodbye, till the next time I can bear to separate myself from His/Her voice for a few moments [the computer is SO far away from the CD player].

Just one last question;

What is that website that my siblings keep talking about?? The one where you can listen to music for free, along with the song’s video??? I know it may seem a little weird for a writing dog not to know this -supposedly- insanely popular website, but hey, how can you blame me?? I mean, when I get the machine to myself for a few minutes, I dash in front of it, type a few paragraphs as fast as I can and dash back to my place before anyone catches me. Can you imagine the havoc that could be caused if my folks know that I have a site??????

Tata for now,



2 thoughts on “The Sixty-Seventh Phase

  1. I totally know what you’re going through. I had once made up my mind that Blake Shelton was my one and only. But I got over it, just like you will. Don’t worry, though. We’ve got your back, girlfriend!!

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