The Sixtieth Writing

The most AMAZING thing happened yesterday!!!! I got my FIRST fan letter!!!!!!! I KNOW, right?? How can a LABRADOR have a HUMAN FOLLOWER who LIKES the way the LAB writes?????????

This just proves that miracles DO happen.

Here, I’ve decided to print the thing out, so you guys are reminded of what a FANTABULOUS pup [hardly] you are reading about:

Dearest Feni,

I am SO IN LOVE with your blog!! I check it at least seven or eight times a day for updates and ADORE the way you write!! My whole family waits with bated breath for your next post and would love it if you could mention us in one of your entries.

I have, like, eighteen email IDs ad have subscribed to your site on at least half of them. I am the editor of our school news paper and have mentioned your blog in every issue since the beginning of this academic year.

Thank you for being an inspiration to little girls all around the globe.



How’s about THAT?? Feni has a follower, yeah, yeah!! And, by the looks of it, she seems largely obsessed by my being, if I may say so. Who’s the queen NOW?? It’s SHOW TIME, kids!!!!!!



I’ll admit it.

Kaitlyn, as much as I hate to say this, doesn’t exist. I made her up. Just as I, if you recall correctly, made up that letter from Hollywood Records. Kaitlyn and the letter from HWR was, is and forever shall be a mere figment of my imagination.



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