Woof Humor

The Fifty-Sixth Snap

The vet trip was postponed and I was too nervous about that to blog recently. But, I’m back and I swear, I am now here to stay baby!!

I guess the check-up wasn’t SO bad. I made a new friend, got to crunch chews as a after-doctor treat and was mollycoddled for the rest of the day. But I DID have to down a HORRIBLE concoction [that tasted like a mix of iguana puke and cow dung -yup, I’ve tasted BOTH-], be criticized TO MY FACE about my “fur hygiene” and forced to swallow a set of yucky tablets.

I wonder if this is what prison is like??

The family and I went for a walk today morning. I actually wasn’t too keen on this because these outings are mostly an opportunity for the sisters to point at my sagging tummy and crack jokes about my triple chin, which is not pleasant.

Before we set of, though, Dad tried coaxing me to “do my business” on the lawn so that he wouldn’t have to carry the pooper scooper around all day. I just shook my head and gave him a look that said, ‘No, no. Not in MY garden. Do we really have to go through this AGAIN??’

He didn’t get it, though. Even when I raised my eyebrows ever so slightly and attempted a “tsk-tsk” under my breath.

That’s what you get for agreeing to be adopted by HUMANS.


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