Woof Humor

The Fifty-Fifth Entry

Yesterday was my birthday. And it ROCKED!! How could it NOT be great?? I mean, I got a whole chicken leg to myself for dinner AND  a Cotton Candy flavored ice cream dish for dessert. [Well, in the end, I did sort of get a brain freeze from eating all that frosty gunk, but hey, a dawg’s gotta’ do what a dawg’s gotta do!!]

I have to admit, though. Parts of it [the twenty-eighth] was a wee bit embarrassing. For example, while the family and I went for a walk, they regularly squealed stuff like “Who’s the Happy Birthday Girl??” and “Twenty-One!! My, my!! You’re such a big doggie!! Oh, yes you are!!!” Seriously. I KNOW I am adopted by a CRAZY bunch, but do I have to be reminded about that every second of the day??

Anyway, I can’t wait for the next month to roll around because I have this vet appointment tomorrow and I am NOT looking forward to THAT, mainly because who would like that weird thermometer up their butt?? Not me, thats for sure!!


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