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The Fifty-Third Passage


Taylor replied to my poem. I don’t think she fully understood my handwriting, but who can blame her?? It’s so messy that even Cousin Rudy’s behead is neater!! [And BOY, does she have the CRAZZIEST bedhead or WHAT??]

Anyway, here is my scrap of paper and her response: [By the way, my poem typed out looks WAY more organized than the document Taylor received…]

A poem to sis…

I thought we were pals

Thought you were my friend

But now I am forced to say

Our relationship’s come to an end

I saw your poem on the desk

So I picked it up to read

Shock! Amazement!! Wonder!!!

It all washed over me

This poem was an opened

An opened to my eyes

That wretched, foul Chummy

I have begun to despise

It can’t be YOUR fault

That Chummy’s sure to blame

I’ll punch him if his

Head isn’t already hung with shame

So I’m sad to say

That I’m on my way

Won’t be back

For many a day

[See, you’ve driven me so hard

On this spiral to hell

That I’m quoting from dad’s fav song

Jamaican Farewell]

Oh, please let me be asleep

All of this untrue

Because all that’s left to do now

Is say goodbye to you

And this is what Taylor wrote beneath it [she left it on her study table, which is how I even read her reply in the first place]:

Um… Hello?? I’m sorry, but I have no idea what this means or who wrote it, but I swear, if it’s you, Giselle, you’re in for a nasty surprise.

That’s all she had to say. That’s it.

My life is officially over. My claim to fame is my likability. EVERYBODY likes me. LOVES me, even. But now Taylor’s poem has popped the bubble I’ve been living in.

I’ve made up my mind.

Tomorrow will be the last day I am going to BREATHE…


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