Woof Humor

The Fiftieth Greeting

I cannot believe this. I truly can’t. I have finished FIFTY posts on my blog?? FIFTY???? That’s, like, HALF A CENTURY.

There is no doubt in my mind as to who I’m going to dedicate this milestone to. Me. But, AFTER dedicating it to myself [that isn’t VAIN. It’s just knowing when to shed your modesty] I will have to say that, without my dear readers, none of this would’ve been possible. None of this.

In fact, I have very good reason to indulge int eh fattiest food items in the world as a special treat [but I won’t, because I don’t want to look fat when Ed Sheeran invites me on stage to receive my award] because guess what? Yesterday, I broke my personal record for the most number of followers to subscribe to my blog on a single day ; seven. SEVEN!!! The number is music to my ears… Thank you, everyone who has contributed. It really means a lot to me. Not more than if you sent me a strawberry cheesecake via the US mail, but it still makes me happy…

So, in order to celebrate the fact that you are currently glancing upon the most dazzling website of the year, I have written you a poem; To: You. Here it goes;

To: You

[A poetic masterpiece by Feni the Dawg]

You take the time 

To check out my site almost everyday

And for this kindly gesture

I am now going to repay

You! My dearest reader

For following my blog

Thanks you for the views, the likes

The comments and the ”rog”

[It’s true, I made the last word up-

I can’t rhyme that well you see]

Thank you darling onlooker

For letting me be me

Alas, it is time to part

For us to separate

But thanks again, dear reader

To me, you’re truly great!!


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