Woof Humor

The Forty Fifth Snippet

The only companion I have had the pleasure of being with for the past few weeks has been the family’s iPad -Thanks to the fact that I’m being treated as invisible by everybody else in the house-. And now, they have taken that away as well!!

It happened as I was asleep. Well, not REALLY asleep, but that was the impression I gave everyone as I snuggled in my bed and shut my eyes. But I was stirred to a wake when I hear a crinkling coming from the four-poster. I was just in time to see Mum pack the tablet into her suitcase and zip it up.

In the morning, I was forced to dial 911 into the cordless in the kitchen [because without love and technology, how do you expect a purebred, not unlike myself, to survive??]. And when I tried to voice my complaint to the NYPD -that I am being abused [well, being ignored is just as bad as being hit by a belt on a daily basis] and now my only comfort was stolen- the cops hung up after mumbling something about a prank caller.

I puzzled over this for the next few hours, wondering how on earth my serious protest could ever be classified as a ”prank” when it suddenly hit me. Of course, all the police could really hear would have been a series of barks and howls, which is all I am able to utter, how ever much I try.

Which brings about to question; How can a being of my intellect have to suffer from this curse?? If only I were able to say something that made sense to those worthless humans… I would take the world by a storm, make headlines everywhere from Kathmandu to Las Vegas. I would be a STAR!!!

Oops, looks like I’ve got to go. Taylor is screaming ‘Fetch!!’ and I simply cannot resist that word!! Time to go get my jaws around some stick!!!


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