Woof Humor

The Forty Fourth Scroll

Well. Now that Taylor and Trikaya’s cousins have come over all the way from Australia for the next few weeks, everyone is ignoring me MORE than ever. Which reminds me; wasn’t I supposed to write up a poem on family but was unable to during the last post due to being interrupted by the family themselves and their ill-timed shopping sprees???

So here it goes; [I say that a lot, don’t I??]

The Family

When I first arrived

Wrapped in a blankie

You made sure I had everything

From a rug to a hankie

But now I seem

To have slipped in the shadows

No more fetching

And running in the meadows

I’m probably acting silly

Making too big a deal

But, tell me my family

Don’t you think its real??

I still love you guys

Much more everyday

How much, you ask??

Well, its true, I can’t say

So on this noteĀ 

I’ll say good bye

Tata dear family

Till we meet next time!!

-Which is probably not in the next few days, which is the time it takes for you to go, ‘Eh, there you are Feni!! I completely forgot about you!!’ Which, by the way, does a lot for my self confidence-


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