Woof Humor

The Forty Third Note

The only thing I can post today -because I have real little time thanks to the fact that the family has just gone to the chemists for a few tablets- is this really weird poem I came up with while brushing my teeth. [Yes, I, as a matter of fact, DO brush my teeth. Only, I use Taylor’s brush. Please don’t tell her]

The family has come back from the beach, by the way, and are STILL not finished gloating over it. Trikaya mentions the ‘AWESOME sand mermaid we made before the huge wave swept it over’ and then Taylor adds, saying, ‘Remember the starfish that crawled over my hand and you screamed because you thought they sting??’ and then Kathryn throws a cushion over to the other side of the room and that starts a dramatic pillow fight that can only be halted by mum herself…

And then, Taylor looks at me with this stupid expression on her face and goes, ‘I wish you were there, Feni.’

Talk about adding salt to injury!! If she wanted me there so badly, she should have taken me with her, RIGHT???? What happened to the times when I used to accompany even DAD to the toilet??? We were inseparable, the family and I…

And NOW??? Just because I have a bit of a tummy, I get shover over like a used-up tissue paper.

And you know what?? Instead of the wacko poem I came up with while doing my morning duties, I’m going to write another one. A poem about FAMILY. Maybe if they read it, they will soon realise how BADLY they treat me…

Oops, looks like I’ll have to keep the poem for next time. I think I hear the car driving up the garage…


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