The Thirty-Sixth Fragment

The feeling in this house is electric. Apparently Taylor [the younger sis] has won something at a national-level literary competition. The one who comes out tops gets their story published in one of the nation’s finest publishing houses and a eReader.

I, personally, consider this a pretty big achievement. I wish I could pat her back with a cigar drooped between my lips and say, ‘You did us proud,’ like all the Uncles do. Only, doing the aforementioned is practically impossible because I can’t speak and, even worse, dog’s aren’t allowed to smoke.

I guess I’d better go get some more details about this historic event. The fact that a member of MY household has bagged the FIRST spot in a NATIONAL tournament and is soon going to be a published author [at TWELVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!] is sure to earn me Bragging Rights at the baby-sitters that mum leave me at every other weekend when the rest of the family goes of to the Beach or someplace else for some ‘Family Time.’

You know, at first I was a bit insulted that I don’t get invited to these Family Get-Together’s, mainly because I wanted to check out the beach and maybe get a tan [I KNOW how much a tan can change opinions. There was once this geeky guy on the block [Kenneth was his name] who was always mocked for his… well, geekiness, but then, Kenneth went to Malibu for the summer with his uncle and when he came back, he had this wicked brown skin and was the center of attention. And that’s exactly what I want to be; The canter of attention] and also because I happened to hate the doggie day-care.

But then, when Aunt Melissa and Uncle Ernie invited all the relatives to their anniversary dinner on the beach [and specially mentioned MY name on the invitation- I AM a oldie-charmer], I realised that the sea was not all that it was made out to be, and that you just get a lot of sand in your pants and salt in your snout.

Then, I figured how much fun you can have at ‘Little Paws’ and settled down in no time.

[Think about this post for a moment. First, it began with Taylor bagging the top spot, it proceeded to bragging rights, went on towards the topic of tans and beaches and how I appeal to the middle-aged, continued to Kenneth-from-next-door and ended at Little Paws. Boy, I really AM  a drifter!]

I guess I’d better go poke my snout into the affair and get myself squeezed into the photos [in the occasion that the paparazzi actually come here to snap a few pics of Taylor for the cover of Pre-Teen Vogue]. Plus, I had better dig deeper and her some more info.

*Sigh* A dog’s work is never done, that’s a given.


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