The Thirty-Fourth Text

Even though this day is drawing to an end, I cannot think of one single thing I have done of some usefulness today. Not one. Unless you consider playing JetpackJoyride on the iPad mini a fruitful way to spend time, I am forced to consider today as an absolute waste.

So, as a guilt-buster, I am jotting down a poem, dedicated to the love of my life; Food. It is from the heart and-I have to admit- a novice’s masterpiece, but I’ll learn. Promise.

Midnight Snack

A hungry dwarf, that I am

Craving a frizzy, soda can

Its half past twelve

My stomach rumbles

I’m hungry and

My poor brain tumbles

I feel the starvation 

creeping up

Oh how I long a

Sippy cup

Of milkshakes with bits of

Pulpy fruit

That will calm down my famished

Sweet tooth

My mind swirls 

Round and round

As I hear the midnight gong

Beating, beating, beating away

Marking the beginning

of a beautiful day

I don’t care

Don’t ask me why

All I want 

Is a cranberry pie

To fill my

enormously enormous belly

And then laze

In front of the telly

I long, I long a Midnight Snack

I raid, I raid the cookie rack

And find a box of biscuit

Can’t explain how much I’ve missed it

Because I’m happily munching

My teeth are merrily crunching

My tummy is busily scrunching

The much awaited Midnight Snack!

There. It’s all done. Can’t say it took me more than a minute to come up with [no kidding] but it reeks of amateurism. I will have to pull up my socks, even though this is quite a good first attempt, if I may say so myself.

Looks like I’ve got to go. Master chef Australia is running, and I’ve bet all this moth’s treats that Noelene wins the whole thing. She had better. If she doesn’t, I’m writing a letter demanding her to send me a life-time pass of Royal Canine kibble. That should teach her!!


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