The Thirty-Third Snippet

The whole family has gone shopping for “winter clothes” leaving me all alone in the house. This suits me just fine. They can be gone for a whole week and I won’t bat an eyelid. You know why??

Well, its because of this gadget that they have recently invested in. An iPad Mini, I think it’s called. It has dozens of fun games and, as Taylor has a blog of her own, [preteenrebel.wordpress.com] they have downloaded the WordPress app which allows you to post on our blog without the hassle of actually WALKING to the laptop [which is somewhat difficult, considering my pot-belly and not-at-all-slim waistline].

I’m telling you, if I’d known about the iPad mini a few months ago, I would have saved up for one instead of “occasionally” treating myself to giant packs of Kibble [the people at the pet store are so DENSE, they aren’t even a bit suspicious when a LABRADOR walks in and purchases a extra-large parcel of dog food. When I become rich and famous and open my own critter-shop, I will only consider Harvard graduates as employees].

As a matter of fact, I am typing this very post on the state-of-the-art tablet. The battery is almost drained, and no wonder, because I have spent the last three hours playing Fruit Ninja. My fuzzy paws are a bit of a hindrance, but if can’t be helped.

Things to do today:

Charge iPad Mini

Brush away all the fur that has obstinately stuck itself to the screen

Exercise for at least an hour [ha ha!]

Indulge on the leftovers of the creme caramel in the fridge 

I guess I’d better get started on the exercise hour. Or maybe I should eat up that creme caramel as an energy booster. Yeah, I think that’s what I’ll do.

Tee Hee


4 thoughts on “The Thirty-Third Snippet

  1. Hey ! I just happen to know Kirsten Tibbals…[a very popular chef in Austrialia …..she is known for her desserts….and a world champion !] I just thought she might be great to make u some delish doggie biscuits!
    Till then

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