The Thirty-Second Letter

Oh, yes, you read the title right!! I, Feni the dog, have FINALLY got my big break!! A letter arrived in the post yesterday, with TO: HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, FENILA plastered all over the front. Here’s what it said:

[and keep in mind that I am only allowing you the privilege of reading this super-secret letter because you are gracing my blog with your presence {see what scrumptious rewards you get if you stop by at my site!}]

-I have skipped the address part because that is WAY boring. Plus, I don’t need another stalker >Winks<-

Dear Princess,

It is with absolute ecstasy that I inform you about the approval of your admission application. We at Hollywood Records would LOVE you to join our crew and be a part of our company. 

Hollywood Records caters to the brightest stars of today’s time, and, of course, budding starlets with promising potential too. Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Queen are but a few members of our phenomenally successful group. 

By sending us another email with the word “yes” typed across, you would have confirmed your arrival on board. We hope you can join our family.


The HollwoodRecords team

See?? I am a “budding starlet” with “promising potential!” Hollywood Records said so themselves!!



I’ll admit it.

HW records never sent me a telegram.

I made it all up.

I did it jut because I am so disappointed about the fact that they never replied to the email I’d sent them. Sure, my email ID might have been a wee bit suspicious [dontwantnostalkers@hotmail.com] but hey, just as you can’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a person by their email ID!!

I guess I’ll just go, have a lie-down by the fire and muse about how loud I’ll scream when I get a message from HWR telling me that they’d be HONORED if I joined their team.

Till then.


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