The Thirty-First Entry

I was surfing Google and typing out all the swear words I know just to see where I would end up [relax. The worst curse I know is “crap”. And that isn’t even a bad word] when BAZINGA!! [yes, I am a Sheldon Cooper wannabe] I got this brilliant idea to search for MY name on Google: Images.

The results were nothing short of depressing. Apart from image number 2905, there was absolutely NO SIGN of me. Not AT ALL.

Apparently there is this cashew flavored, alcoholic drink that is ALSO known as Fenny that grows in Goa [Goa= some weird state in India. India= Go check your atlas dummy -don’t blame me about my pathetic Geography. It’s the teacher’s fault-]… When I typed Feni” in the search bar, all I got was pictures of bottles and cups with Fenny.

Today was the dismal day when I figured out that a tangy-tasting liquor that hasn’t been sipped outside a rural state in the Indian subcontinent is more popular than me.

That was the bad part. The good part was that the one pic I found?? Well, it is SO super-cute, I had the urge to bite the screen off. Here, I pasted it below: [Warming: Before you glance the selfie of Feni [that’s me!], pour a disgusting liquid that doesn’t taste good -yes, any of the prescribed medicines will do- so that you will be able to battle the sudden emotion that will take over your body and command you to bite the screen]

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go!

Well, what do you have to say?? I know, you’re probably still recovering from the major shock of actually seeing something so absolutely beautiful. I’ll give you some time to get back to your normal state.

Ah, that’s better. You’re looking fine now. Anyway, I was feeling pretty down in the dumps after the startling revelation that rural alcohol is more famous than I am, so, when mum wasn’t looking, I swiped her new Sony Cybershot and had a good look at all the pictures of myself. Here is the one I liked the best:

 Click for pic!! [

Just FYI, that is NOT a yawn. I was… I was… barking. Yes, that’s what I was doing. So don’t start tweeting your pals about how lazy I am. Because, guess what?? I’m NOT. Maybe I AM the only dog on the block who is asleep more than I’m awake [ratio= 9:1] but hat doesn’t necessarily means I’m LAZY. Maybe I have worked so hard in my previous life that I need a good break NOW.


it looks like I’ve got to go. I want to… um, water the garden. Ta ta!! [For those of you who DON’T “get it” when some one lies through their teeth, I’ll let you in on it. “Watering the garden” is code for “Night night!”]


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