The Thirtieth Shortie

This post is bound to be real short. Mum and dad have nipped over to the grocers and I have taken this opportunity to dash of another post. I know I have been neglecting you, Dear Blog, these past few days, but I have to say, being a Labrador with two overprotective sisters AND a fury for writing SO isn’t easy. Be that as it may, though, I can’t seem to forgive myself about my pathetic blogging frequency. So I scavenged YouTube and have finally, after a lot of pondering [more like five seconds of musing] have come up with FENI’S LIST OF THE FUNNIEST YouTube VIDEOS THAT WRAP UP IN UNDER FIVE MINUTES. And here they are: 





[Sorry, couldn’t actually put the videos -except for the links- because 1] in too much of a hurry, mum and dad may be back any second and 2] wow, you need to have attended an MIT course to figure out how to post a video on this thing!!]

Hope you liked it!! Take the poll to figure out whether there are other readers out there who share the same opinions on stuff that matter [like spending days on end watching YouTube videos]!!


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