The Twenty-Forth Segment

Man that pool is taking a long while to get itself constructed!! [If you haven’t read the previous two posts, I suggest you do, to understand what exactly is going on here] And its not the ONLY one to be blamed. The laborers are SO lazy. I mean. how long does it take to get a POOL ready?? Not more than half a day, in my opinion.

This is their routine:

1] Pick up a lousy brick

2] Lean against the newly painted shed and chatter with the chunk of cement nestled in their palms

3] Keep talking till the night has settled in and the moon is glowing like a firefly

4] Place the brick on top of a pile of mud

5] Hose themselves so that it looks like they’re sweating

6] Pant like as if they’ve worked all day

7] The peeving end!!

See?? Am I wrong when I say that they do absolutely no work at all and mimic school-girls during a free period instead of doing their job??

The only reason their pace affects me is because I plan to spend the rest of my life floating around the pond’s bubbly waters and I do not want to waste any time in beginning the luxurious days in which I will paddle the pool’s perimeter till my paws come apart [but not without a watermelon smoothie between laps!]

Anyway, I’ve got to go get some shut-eye. Tata for now, Dearest Reader!!


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